Rachel Maddow reveals a hidden purpose for masking

An ‘A’ for consistency

To be fair, Maddow deserves a high grade for being consistent. She’s an authoritarian — and that’s not a rude ad hominem statement. It simply means that she believes science is what the authorities say it is, and that we must follow the science as reported by those authorities.

Human Respect

There’s risk in everything. Each person acts to increase their happiness, and sometimes these activities include the possibility of peril. Driving a car involves risk, and drivers who wear seat belts tend to go faster.

An ‘A’ for honesty

Now, we get to the evidence for the claim that the real value of masking was political division. And here, one has to give Maddow credit for her candor. When she finished interviewing Walensky, she delved into her personal concerns.

Rage for the Machine

Now, if you think we’re being too hard on Maddow, then you should see the tweets from her audience. These representative statements leave no ambiguity.



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