Is the immigration conflict being used to manipulate you?

You have concerns

You worry that some of the refugees will be bad people. They may steal from you or throw garbage on your land. Should you try to prevent this by calling ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)? If you do, ICE will arrest your neighbor and deport the refugees. This will ruin your relationship. You think more deeply about that reality…


You imagine how it would feel to be your neighbor facing fines and arrest.


You ponder key American ideals. Do human beings have inalienable rights?

American flag behind barbed wire.

U.S. History

You also think about the subject in constitutional and historical terms.


Reporting your neighbor to ICE seems wrong to you, both morally and constitutionally. It will also make everyone less happy — your neighbor will be less happy, the refugees will be less happy, and you will be less happy as your neighbor views you with suspicion. (The Principle of Human Respect actually predicts this outcome).

Economic concerns

But what about the economic problems? Will the refugees get tax-funded support?

The refugee camp next door

So what’s it like to live next door to refugees?

Something bad happens

Every American has horror stories about bad neighbors — people who were too loud, too dirty, too criminal, or all three. And what can happen with American neighbors can also happen with refugee neighbors. Eventually, with a constant flow of new people through the property next door, something bad is bound to happen, and it does. Your house is burglarized. Was it the refugees, or one of your rural neighbors?

This is what Human Respect looks like

You respect the peaceful pursuit of happiness by other people, and they return the same respect to you. You don’t impose your preferences using either politics or the police. Even where there are damages or injuries, you look to make things whole again rather than seeking revenge and punishment. Such a philosophy of human respect enhances happiness for everyone. By contrast…

This is what disrespect looks like

You come home one day to see your neighbor’s property swarming with heavily armed ICE agents. The agents are herding the families into vans. The children are crying. Agents are tearing down the tents.

Why is immigration considered an important issue?

Millions have come here over two centuries, both legally and illegally, yet America has only grown more prosperous! So why is immigration a front-burner issue? Why do so many people care about it so much?

You are being manipulated.

Immigration is NOT an important issue. Many issues that receive zero attention are vastly more important.

How can you avoid this manipulation?

We recommend you Exit the Conflict Machine.



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