Human Respect: Beneath the obvious is a profound principle

Woman climbing steps towards the light. Beneath the obvious is a profound principle.
Beneath the obvious is a profound principle.

How do we elevate those flourishing factors?

Where do we begin?

  1. Does any person’s happiness increase when they are subjected to theft, fraud, or vandalism?

What is happiness?

Happiness is the personal satisfaction that comes with the ability to pursue your goals and live by your values.

A Social Principle

In fact, we can go one step further. We can deduce a natural law. Let’s call it the Principle of Human Respect

  1. We can make it a declarative statement about how we’ll interact with others in the world around us.

Not Merely Private Morality

But there’s something unique about this approach. It’s not merely a moral preference! Since we know that every time we initiate force or steal from someone, flourishing diminishes — every time! — we can also recognize our duty to abstain from injuring others.

No Exceptions for Politics

At this juncture, we should reconsider politics — and not just politicians we don’t like, but also our own political behavior. For it is in the realm of politics and government that otherwise good people strenuously avoid the gravitational truth found in the Principle of Human Respect.

Voluntary Cooperation, Instead of Coercion

On the other hand, think of all the ways you can get things done voluntarily.

  • Charity — you can obtain assistance or share with others.
  • Mutual aid or insurance — help with life’s unexpected disasters.
  • Voluntary association — where you team up with others to get a big project done.
  • Persuasion — appeal to the heart, the mind, or the wallet by making a compelling case.



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