Where the powerless are blamed for reacting to new rules

Sometimes, reporters or commentators will accuse someone of “politicizing an issue.” This accusation is commonly pointed at reactionaries.

Reactionaries are people who oppose political or social change. They might even want to reverse course. Now, you might not agree with…

It’s the pandemic, stupid.

I’m not calling anyone stupid. This is actually a call for greater understanding and respect. Here’s why I say, “It’s the pandemic, stupid.”

Have you heard the advertising advice KISS — Keep It Simple, Stupid? A bit of ancient history: Political strategist, James Carville, knew that…

The nightmare of American politics is that we’re all trapped on an island with people who consistently imagine how much better the world would be if they were in charge.

The fantasizers can be heard on talk radio, read on editorial pages, and seen on Facebook and Twitter. They play…

The corporate media exists to support the regime

Today, we feature guest-editorialist and fan of The Exit Network, James Leroy Wilson. He explains, “The corporate media exists to support the regime.” This is, of course, a TEN theme. That said, the arguments below are strictly the author’s and not necessarily those of The Exit Network.

A few months…

The New York Times is the flagship publication of the regime media. As such, they’re a leading operator of the Conflict Machine.

The Conflict Machine is a visual, even visceral description of our national management practices. Politics is such a tepid term. And instead of aiming for truth or happiness…

The Exit Network

You'll see right through the Conflict Machine, then help others escape it.

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